Mehr(wert) schaffen mit Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services  supports international companies as competent business partner with services related to Internal Audit, Internal Controls Systems (ICS/SOX), Compliance Management Systems (CMS) as well as trainings

  • You operate in Germany or Europe and are lacking language or cultural knowledge skills and are looking for temporary support of your country audits or control testing efforts?
  • Your existing co-sourcing partner provides you with junior consultants, who are changing very often and you pay high prices?
  • You are a small audit department and are looking for a competent co-sourcing partner who reliably supports your audits?
  • You suffer capacity shortages due to special situations, leaves or paternity leaves and are looking for temporary replacements to avoid permanent hires?

Benefits to use Internal Audit Services:

  1. Quality and Experience -  over 14 years of experience, CIA and CCSA
  2. Continuity - no changing auditors
  3. Modern and Integrated Audit Techniques - Data Analytics, Compliance, IT
  4. Top Cost-Benefit Ratio - modest daily rates

Internal Audit Services supports you in all your efforts to effectivly and efficently adding value to your organization. I am happy to work with you on a tailored solution. Send me an email to or call me under +49 179 1404 614 or use the >> contact us form. Thank you!

Service Portfolio


  • Support of financial and operational audits
  • Support of international country, plant or subsidary audits
  • Support of compliance and forensic audits (e.g. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Program, Compliance Management Systems, investigations etc.)

Internal Control Systems (ICS / SOX)

  • Support of control design reviews and testing of control effectivity (SOX Testing)
  • Review of existing ICS and help with key control reduction
  • Support of the documentation of an Internal Control System (narratives, flowcharts etc.)
  • Conception and implementation of an internal control system

Internal Audit Consulting

  • Creation & Implementation or Transformation
  • Strategic Plan / Annual Audit Plan
  • Advancements of existing audit methodologies
  • Creation of the audit manual
  • Support the preparation for new audit topic areas
  • Implementation of an Audit Management System
  • Implementation of Data Analytics

Quality Assurance and QAIP

  • External Quality Assessments (German Chapter DIIR e.V.)
  • Preparation for external Quality Assessments
  • Conception and advancement of "Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs" (QAIP)

Compliance Management Systems

  • Support of Compliance Audits
  • Assessment of your Compliance Management System against best practises, hall marks and standards (e.g. FCPA Guide, IDW PS 980 etc.)
  • Conception, Implementation and Documentation of Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

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